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I went in for a urine drug test for employement at 16285 dorsset. The receptionist was very nice.

The "nurse" that brought me to the room was the biggest POS I have ever met in my life.

She asks me to empty my pockets and place my belongings in a box, so I do that and I read on the box "this is only for urine samples". So I asked, did I just put all my belongings in the same box you store the urine in? Her response: looks me up and down and says in the most disrespectful tone "who cares".

Is this *** serious? I CARE. I shrugged it off because I have a tolerance for lowlifes. I ask, "so how's your day going?

Anything crazy happen?" Response"I didn't get my DR. Pepper today so I am a little out of it". She says with anger. She opens a drawer and asks me to grab a container and to open it and pull the cup out and hand her the other items.

I do this and she instructs me to fill it half way, during which she cleans the bathroom and fills the toilet with blue stuff. She instructs me to not flush the blue down. That's fine, I assume it's for checking for other items in your stream. I finish and hand her the cup.

She tells me to flush the toilet without looking at the blue stuff. "So what's the blue liquid for? Checking on other chemical reactions?" Response: "if you don't know, you don't need to know.". Wow.

She is flipping thru papers and finished asking me to sign them and after a few minutes of silence I ask if I should grab my things from the box, since I don't want to forget them and she closed the door and turned the lights off. She puts everything she is holding down, puts her face in her hands, and stands there like that for 30 straight seconds. What the *** did I do to diserve such disrespect from a total price of ***. this is the type of person who you know shouldn't be around customers, let alone be in a hospitality field.

*** her, and *** this place. I'm going to report this location if it's the last thing I do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Urine Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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