Mexico, Capital District
Not resolved

Absolutely inaccurate results.

Also lack of knowledge and info regarding specific test preparation.

I had two urine tests in two different places. At the free clinic, regular bacteria urine and blood checkup +payed dna pcr for bacterias,

then since I read Naat is also accurate, a day later I took Naat dna test for chlamydia & ghonorea bacterias at Labcorp.

I was to Labcorp later on the second day and I already urinated not long time ago. I was told that I can still take test because of it's incredible sensitivity and accuracy. Turns out people must have messed up my test at Labcorp.

When results came, both bacterias at Labcorp came out negative, and the full std (not dna) panel (at free std clinic ) and a separate urine pcr ( not poolled) at other place showed that I am positive for both. I retested again in confusion at the third place- bacterias were positive.

Labcorp is expensive and not reliable, not to mention people working there are not qualified. They charged me so much and didn't even inform about the specifics of a test, neither asked me if I urinated within last two or an hour. Absolutely no interest except when you need to pay.

Super disappointed and pussed off.

This could have cost me a life.

It was in Florida.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Urine Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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