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This is the 2nd time in 5 yrs that i have had wrong information sent to my doctor by labcorp the first time was in 2012 when my pain management doctor told me my test showed cocaine marajuana an a depressant in my screen after a half hour of arguing an sitting with my wife next to me ready to kill it was realized i hadnt had a urine sent so how does my doctor recieve a lab report with my name an all the right stuff on it identifying me? I had...
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Labcorp. I went in for a urine drug test for employement at 16285 dorsset. The receptionist was very nice. The "nurse" that brought me to the room was the biggest POS I have ever met in my life. She asks me to empty my pockets and place my belongings in a box, so I do that and I read on the box "this is only for urine samples". So I asked, did I just put all my belongings in the same box you store the urine in? Her response: looks me up and...
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At the free clinic, regular bacteria urine and blood checkup +payed dna pcr for bacterias, then since I read Naat is also accurate, a day later I took Naat dna test for chlamydia & ghonorea bacterias at Labcorp. I was to Labcorp later on the second day and I already urinated not long time ago. I was told that I can still take test because of it's incredible sensitivity and accuracy. Turns out people must have messed up my test at Labcorp. When...
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There urine test came back saying i take methidone. My doctor sent it to labcorp, they also said it was positive. My doctor confronted me, i was like what! I do not take that. I do not know what that drug is. The nurse practioner would not even tell me what it was. My husband who was in the room with me was shocked. He told me what methidone was. I sat there and cryied. I said the test are wrong. My doctor said that labcorp is not...
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Had a urine drug screen done with this company, only to find out that my employer never received the results.When i called to inquire at the location i visited, i was deferred to customer service. When i called customer service to find out if there was a way to ensure the specimen was even sent, some rude lady with an attitude said the employer has to call and she wouldn't even give me the information as to whether or not it got sent. Bad...
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Anonymous Horrible company to work for. Company expects 1 enployee to work by themselves collecting drug screens on 100 or more patients a day

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