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I will NEVER use Labcorp again after this experience with them. To begin with I was never a fan due to their overcrowded, unprofessional and dirty office environment however this instance took the cake.

My dermatologist needed a biopsy tested for cancer so I requested that it be sent to Labcorp since that's the only participating provider in my insurance network. Wow was that a mistake! First of all it took forever to get the test results back. Then I receive a bill from Dianon Systems.

I thought this was a scam because I never heard of this company and I know I requested Labcorp so I ignored the first bill. Then a second bill came and so I called trying to figure out what this was for. After speaking to a completely rude, unprofessional rep I realized they are a subsidiary of Labcorp and they never even submitted a claim to Blue Cross Blue Shield. I provided the insurance information and the rep told me to disregard the bill.

Then literally a few days later I receive another bill from "LCA Collections" basically Labcorp is trying to say I'm delinquent. So I call back again and what do you know- the first rep never filed the claim so I had to provide the insurance information yet again. To turn a long story short- my insurance company denied the claim because "Dianon Systems" isn't a par provider however they are affiliated with Labcorp! After that I paid the bill online.

You would think that would be the end of the story but no!! I receive another bill from them and this time it contained the most unprofessional and demeaning message ever. Here it is verbatim (keep in mind when I received this they already had the money!) "our records indicate that your account is now severly delinquent. This is a serious matter you should no longer ignore.

You must act now to clear your delinquent status. There is no longer any excuse for failing to resolve your account. Your lack of response will only result in outside collection activities.". Needless to say I was FURIOUS when I received this letter.

First of all how DARE they send a letter like that to anyone they should be ashamed at how unprofessional that was! I am still trying to resolve this matter.

Stay away from Labcorp! That *** of a company will take your money but still try to harrass you for more!

Monetary Loss: $230.

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It is a ripoff and Blue Cross Blue Shield is deceptive as well. LabCorp is their preferred provider.

Supposedly if you use them all costs will be covered. Labcorp owns Dianon. Labcorp bills for Dianon. If you look up Dianon in Blue Cross system it shows up in provider directory as Labcorp/Dianon.

If you call Dianon phone # they answer "Labcorp". If you email Dianon you get a response from XXX@labcorp.com. Yet BCBS says they aren't the same. Even if you do all your homework and check their system before sending a sample there you still get burned.

They simply don't honor the payment even though it's clearly the same company.

A suspicious person might think there was a kickback scheme going on regarding these types of claims.


I had these guys harassing me too for a while. They sent the same exact letter and the last one was threatening "We have sent you several statements regarding this outstanding payment obligation.

Regretfully, unless this office receives payment in full, escalated recovery steps will be taken...This is a serious matter you should no longer ignore (ect) There is no longer any justification for not resolving your account." Gee, you mean like I'm living on student loans and Ramen and have no insurance?

And like I called you guys already to try and work something out and I don't trust you with my card information? :(


Yeah I got that one and the one after that stating how nice they were for providing services without questioning my credit. Like, congratulations. Glad to know I'm not the only one.