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I was sent to the Boerne TX Labcorp July 6, 2010 after a doctor visit to obtain sampling supplies for a stool test. Upon arrival there was one other person at the reception window. The attendant finished collecting her information and admitted her into the testing area. I stood up but the attendant was quick to inform me he wouldn't be able to assist me until he had finished with the young lady. This must have taken about 20 minutes, during which another client joined me in the waiting area.

When I got my turn at the reception window the attendant entered my information into the computer, apologizing several times that the computer was unusually slow to respond. I was then admitted to the back area where the attendant gave me the collection kit and instructed me in its use.

I returned the next morning with the samples, expecting to be able to quickly drop them off and be on my way. Instead, I found there were three clients in front of me and I would have to wait my turn. All of the customers ahead of me had multiple issues requiring the attendant (the same man from the first day) to make lengthy phone calls to obtain or confirm information. This, together with the time required to take blood samples, meant that I waited well over an hour before being allowed to turn in my samples.

Although the attendant had taken all of my information the previous day, he said I was "not in the system" and he had to collect and enter all of the data a second time. I was surprised when I was asked for a credit card, since my insurance was expected to cover the test. I was informed that it was a LabCorp requirement (there was a notice taped to the reception desk window) and anything the insurance didn't cover would be charged to my card. While I found this policy offensive there didn't seem to be any alternative.

Having only one person to handle logging information, confirming insurance and doctor's orders and taking blood samples results in a very inefficient and frustrating experience. I'm concerned that a mistake in sample identification could easily be made in such an environment. To his credit, the attendant was polite and professional in this difficult position.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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I'm surprised to see how many people speak of the incompetence of this company when they are doing such an important job with people's lives in their hands. Mistakes are definitely made.


Broken record George, get a life. Better yet,

get lost!


I feel sorry for you pal! And for the poor folks who had to whiff your samples for all that time. Stop eating junk food and you will loose a few pounds and not have to drop *** in a bottle and sit in a room with it.


Complaining on here won't amount to nothing call the Lab Corp headquaters