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Who does LabCorp think they are? I changed insurance companies at the beginning of this year and my LabCorp bill wasn't sent in properly by my Family Practitioner's office.

LabCorp sent me a huge bill that looks like it would be sent to someone who didn't pay their rent or something. I called my Family Practioner to have them send the LabCorp bill to the insurance company again and they did. LabCorp just doesn't seem to like to wait so they sent me another huge bill. Then they sent a collection agency after me.

I called my Family Practitioner's office and the person answering the phone said she was having the same problem with LabCorp for her daughter's bill that was $259. I told her my bill was $359.

There's even a message at the FP's office that says, "If you are having problems with a LabCorp bill, please leave a message here." I will never use LabCorp again. I'm using Quest from now on.

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LabCorp is an unethical and unprofessional company. They lied to me by asking for my credit card for "identification" purposes.

Then they charged my credit card without my knowledge or approval.

They are very corrupt and I will never go there again. I will use Quest or another lab in the future.