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I needed a routine drug screen for a job I was offered. I hate drug screens anyway as they are a violation of the 5th amendment.

Anyway, I go to Labcorp's nasty run-down facility, just like every one I have ever been least 8-10 all over the country. They take my sample and tell me it takes a day or two for results. Never do they ask me what medications I take; prescription or over the counter. Over a week later the "Dr." calls to tell me the test came back positive for marijuana...

WHAT? you have got to be crazy. He proceeds to tell me the preliminary test came back positive and I would need to PAY for a confirmation test, I'm unemployed and broke...I don't have money to pay for the accurate test... NOW it's starting to make sense to me....SCAM.

He gives me a number to call to see if the hiring company will pay for the confirmation test. They won't.

I find out through some research that more things cause a false positive for marijuana than don't. Aleve...which i take, Advil... another one I take.

No telling how many of my prescription meds cause a false positive. These companies do a dipstick test, which up to half of the positive tests are false. This whole industry is nothing but a SCAM to test you positive and then charge you for the test they should have done first, the gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer test. These companies just want double pay for one diagnostic.

Our country has become nothing but a bunch of shysters ruining peoples lives for an underhanded buck. Two fingers high in the air for ya Scabcorp.

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I guess a person will say anything if they cannot pass a test. Let's review, if a company wants a pre-employment drug screen and you feel it is a violation, why would you work for that company?

Next, most employers pay for the tests for prospective employees and usually your doctor has nothing to do with it. When you test positive and have a valid prescription from your doctor, you submight it to the employer, not the facility performing the test.

Here's a thought...I take aspirin, Aleve, ibuprofen and I've never tested positive so maybe you should not do drugs and you won't have to worry about failing and not Blaming people who don't care and don't know you. Really?


I recently broke my leg at work and tomorrow getting surgery to get a rod put in. Required I gave a urine sample with no problem knowing I have nothing to hide, I take lexapro and aderall which my work knows...

LC calls me saying I'm positive for marijuana? Seriously wtf? So I just received a call from my super telling me I have been terminated because of the drug screen. Now I'm getting surgery, have to wait a few months for the healing with no job and bills to pay.

So thank you for ruining my life for something I never did. I hope that place goes out of business and everyone working there is forced to live on the streets.


This same thing happened to my husband. He was given a random and his came back for cocaine.

We are so baffled. The Dr from lab Corp is basically calling him a liar if it's in your system you are a user. Oh hi levels daily user as well.

We have contacted a lawyer to see what our recourse is for a faults positive. This is horrible and we don't know what to do.

@Ann2 ya

I also had a test that said I had methamphetamines..and that no prescription could cause it to be in my system..although I had been taking a prescription from my psychiatrist called "d-amphetamine salt combo" me it sounded similar and obvious this had to be the reason. I had cancer and disabled now and have severely disfigured bones and surgery and rods and osteoarthritus and need my pain medication.

But had to suffer because of that test. I was determined to prove to my doctor I'm not lying, after trying to battle the lab and office for paperwork and research...but ended up half a year in pain, sacrificing to prove my honesty. Then, I started to get my medicine again and they told me the medicine was NOT in my system..for 5 months in a row..and that I can not get my medicine again....I told the doctor I would take the medicine in front of his face to prove I have been taking it faithfully..but he would not listen..and said it was out of his hands.

It feels horrible to be told something false and you being unable to prove it. These laws and labs have destroyed my life the past year and a half..I'm so exhausted, there HAS to be a way to uncover the lies that's going on...whether unprofessional labwork or results tampered online..idk..but it's DEFINITELY NOT ME.

@Ann2 ya

Have you been able to find out how to get it corrected? I gave a urine sample and like your husband came back positive for cocaine- worse yet it shows the metabolite benzoylecgonine with a level on it.

This was just Thursday July 26,2018. I went Friday the 27th to any lab test now but it was 345 and she needed to do hair test earlier because it has to mail to expertox same day so I returned Monday the 30th. LabCorp refuses to speak with me- my doctor refuses to return calls. I wanted my urine retested because a sleeping medication I take since my son died in October read negative-thats not possible.

My urine is either mixed up at LabCorp, they read the temazepam and put it as cocaine or the cup at doctors was someone elses, my fault for not checking the label..... I have NEVER touched cocaine. The only non prescribed drug I ever touched was marijuana as a teen ager about 10x-Im now 46.

When my hair sample comes back negative Im not sure who I am going after-the doctor LabCorp or both.... so if youve figured yours out please let me know


I went to LabCorp for a pre-employment drug test for a job that also required an extensive background check. My prospective employer told me the background checks take at least 2 weeks on average so I wasn't concerned I didn't hear anything for awhile.

After about 4 weeks my prospective employer called and said all the background checks were done but they hadn't received my drug test results. So, of course they were questioning if I had went. Luckily I save everything so I had my "Urine Chain of Custody" form they gave me the day I went for the drug test. So now my prospective employer is trying to have LabCorp locate my test or explain what happened and apparently LabCorp can't.

Thank gosh I have my "Urine Chain of Custody" form because I'm sure LabCorp's initial response was "he didn't take a test" but they can't say that now.

Also it seems my prospective employer is more intent on LabCorp finding the results than having me take it again as I had already made a comment about how hard it was to find the time to take the test due their restrictive hours and I'm currently employed. Basically LabCorp is incompetent and should be put out of business.

@LabCorp Incompetent

If you do a drug screen at Lc, on top of the Chain of Custody is the MRO's information, you can call them after a resonable amount of time has passed.


we use labcorp to *** test pts. b4 putting them on csc contracts.

The use GCMS confirmation. When THAT is positive I assume patient is guilty of something


In order to perform a drug test, the LC employee must be certified by the DOT and the site is inspected regularly for compliance. The lc tech is not supposed to ask for a list of medications. Once collected, the specimen is sent to the lab. A medical review officer (MRO) analyzes the results and sends his analysis to the employer. In some instances, certain prescriptions show up. If that is the case, the MRO may contact the donor and ask for proof that the medication has been taken legally.

It is true that over the counter meds may alter results, but it is very rare and that med would have had to have been taken excessively.

Lastly, it may be a violation of the 5th amendment, but it is not mandatory. At any time, you may refuse to submit the sample and that is your right, but it is the right of the employer to screen applicants for drugs. By doing that, they also reduce the cost of insurance (accident and health care), which is very beneficial to the employees.

@Labcorp Employee

I work for labCorp. It is a great company


Labcorp is not perfect, but it is a decent company to work for.


It may be a good company to work for but I have known a dozen people to get fired or not hired due to labcorp test rssults. All these people had independent tests confirming they were clean..labcorp said they were dirty. If a test comes back dirty, then it should be asked what medications are being taken.I also know at least one labcorp employee who quit because they were rushed in getting test results back and procedures weren't followed.


Wow I wondered about that. This just happened to us and we just bought a house we are in a panic and the labCorp Dr that called his acted as tho nothing would cause faults positive.

Welooked it up it said diabetes liver damage could cause it. There's only 2 explanations that or the test was done wrong. To hear the Dr tell it the only explanation is my husband is a daily user. If I didn't know for sure that to be completely untrue, I may believe him.

Of course his employer will. This is terrible there should be something ppl can do about this. We called an attorney he has another test he bought himself just to try to prove that he is not a cocaine user.

In Florida idk if there's anything that can be done. Right to work state.