Arlington, Texas
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Same old song and dance at LabCorp in Salisbury, MD. Walk-in at 7 am, as soon as they open the doors, you are the only patient/client in there and you still have to wait a minimum of 45 minutes.

Why are you waiting?? Because the staff is busy... busy complaining about co-workers, busy talking about what they did last night, busy gossiping about previous patients/clients, busy complaining about their "baby daddies" and what little child support they get, busy *** about their job (that they aren't even doing). Thirty minutes into the wait, you feel as if your bladder will bust because you have been holding it so you could *** in a cup, you walk to the window to see how much longer it will be only to find out they haven't even entered you into the system yet.

If you're there for a pre-employment drug screening, they never seem to have the kit and they don't bother to tell you until you have wasted your life away waiting because they are too lazy to look at your lab order to see what you are there for as soon as you get to the window. LabCorp should really consider doing some sort of "undercover boss" type of thing and investigate some of these locations.

It is truly pathetic. If these employees hate their job so much they should quit.

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