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Labcorp on Union St. In Schenectady, NY have never had a problem there and have been going every week for past 2 years.

Went yesterday for 9am appt and none of regular employees were there. Found a note on counter saying you would been seen in order signed in - didnt mater i was only one with appt. When she finally called me at 930 with an attitude i asked for the urine cup so i could do that first and was told she had to see "which one" she needed to give me (didnt know there was a variety of *** cups) she asked me if i ate before getting there amd when i said "yes i dont need to fast" was told she only needed a yes or no. Was told to go into the room where she finally came on with *** cup.

I took it from here amd she started yelling at me that i grabbed it from her. I was dumbfounded how this women was acting. I stood up told her to give me my script cause there was no was she was sticking a needle in me.

Ended up driving 1/2 hour out of way to another labcorp where i was im and out in 10 minutes. These people dont know what some of us are dealimg with medical wise and to treat people with that kind of attitude maybe you dont belong in that profession

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Receptionist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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