Branford, Florida
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On 2/7/15. I visited the location@ 3996 Sheridan st.

Hollywood fla. I was dropping off. My lab test sample. After signing in, I was told to sit,& wait until someone called me.

I also had visited the clinic. The previous day. I observed that the average waiting time for patients, was between 1.5 & 2 hrs. After my visit was completed, I asked the lab.

Tech. If upon my return. I would have to wait? He responded," no,just give it to the receptionoist".

After having done so she stated" I don't care what they told you, this is the prceedure". I explained that I could not wait, as I had to be@ work@ 10:00Am. & that I was told I could just drop it off", she stated once more," I told u, what u have to're holding up the line& wasting my time". She even made a comment, asking me if I was blind,stating." U are.

Driving w/o your glasses too? No wonder you can't see. I then placed, the sample on the window shelve, &left. This person was rude,noncarering,& argumentative.

She did not care about, patient needs, only her own convenience. Oeveryone there was required waiting,time & under normal circumstances, I would have waited,as I did the previous day. Based on what the lab

Tech. Had told me.

I only had time to drop off. This receptionist. Only cares about het personnel agenda,has no interest in helping patients& should not be allowed to work with people

She was rude, impolite, and basically non caring. I'm filling this complaint, for I fear that as a result of my non compliance, see will discard my lab.

Samples respectfully a. Madpz.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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