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I went to labcorp today located at 222 Rockaway turnpike in Cedarhurst NY.I got there a few minutes before 12. The receptionist waz very rude.

I told her i was there to give a urine sample. Alice the receptionist told me " im on lunch at 12 and you must leave and come back at 12:30 " I told Alice its not twelve we have a few minutes lets go do this quickly. Alice said " so im suppose not eat lunch becuse you want to leave a urine sample. I cant help you state law says you have to wait 10 minutes before i can take a urine sample from you." I said miss thats not true why are you lieing to me ?

Then i said miss i took a bus over here and it raining im not feeling well can i please just sit and wait in the lobby. Alicr said " No im on break and im locking the office you must leave." then she called her coworker to escort me out of the office. They locked the doors and left me standing in the rain. I told them i was calling the supervisor and they said i was more then welcomed too gave me his phone number.

I called the suoervisor and i told him what just happend at the ladcorp office and he apoligized and told me he would call the office and tell them to let me sit in the lobby. 15 minutes later they opened the door let me in okay but i became even more insulted when Alice walked out talking on her cell phone telling someone on the phone " I tell it like it is.. People are complaining on me." the she started speaking another language. Oh my God!

Did she really just do that... She did.. I dont think Alice likes her job. I am a nurse and i would never speak to anyone in my facility like that let alone a patient.

No compassion some people can be so heartless and evil. I did not feel welcomed there and next i will go to a differnt location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Nurse.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So how was the whole process of taking the actual test