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Went to labcorp in Miami Beach for routine blood work. The women, Adelaide, was the rudest most combative woman I have ever had to deal with. She couldn't locate my doctor's info in their system, not my problem. Finally, after a whole ordeal, my blood was drawn. THIS was just the beginning. After contacting customer service 4 times, I was finally told that they did not fill the rx properly and didn't test one script. WHAT?!? How, I mean how is this possible? So, I go back to have my blood drawn again (you know, because it's so much fun). And guess who is there? Adelaide, how lovely. I tell her the problem and say that I need to have my blood redrawn due to a massive error on their part. Seriosuly, not happy. Oh, and did I mention this place is DISGUSTING. Adelaide is none to happy that I even had the thought to accuse her of this. She is on the defense...yelling, telling me I need that I dont have my paper work and that I have to come back, yelling more, insulting me and then cursing me out in spanish. She says she cannot draw my blood without the script. Uhh, that's not what I was told by the 4 customer service people. Had she called them and had then fax the script that wasn't filled then she would know (but, shouldn't that be part of her job)? She then calls her supervisor who is in a "meeting" and cannot deal with me. So, i take it upon myself to call the local customer service number and tell then the situation. The woman on the phone was SHOCKED that I was the one calling...she asked to speak to Adelaine and I had over my phone (daytime minutes of course). The woman tells Adelaine that all she had to do was call them, like she should have known, and they could refax the form. Adealine is again, none too happy that I did this and's 1230 and she needs to take her lunch immediately, now, don't pass go. WTF! I'm here, again, after her clerical error and she leaves?! You've got to be kidding me. Thankfully, the fax comes through and the tech grabs it and takes me back to have my blood drawn.

6 phone calls

3 visits

dozens of insulting words thrown at me

5 hours in total wasted

...all to get 2 scrips of blood drawn.

The killer is that this woman, was just so unbelievable rude, unhelpful, hysterical, and downright AWFUL. I have never wanted someone to loose there job..until now. She is dealing with patients..not a customer, client, etc...patients and their health. She needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

I plan to file more complaints and will not stop until I know that she has been terminated. NO ONE deserves to be treated the way that she treated me. I can get past the mess up with the test, having to go back again and waste my time...I cannot get over her attitude. Awful awful awful horrible woman who needs to be terminated NOW!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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All Labcorps around Miami are third world.

The one on Lejeune is a dump and has ants.

The one at RedBird Plaza is cleaner but the staff are arrogant, low-life.