Albany, New York
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Labcorp Lost doesn't have my son's bloodwork, yet they drew his blood! He highly despises getting blood work done -hates needles, and was fearful of getting this done. Now they say they don't have his blood. What the ***?? How unprofessional! they tell my doctor's office to tell me that he simply needs to get it redrawn. Simply? A young child that is fearful of this? How *** unprofessional!

I am so annoyed with them. So annoyed with them! LOst? Come on!!

This labcorp happened to be in Delmar, NY. Has this happened to you too??

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Hi yes this happened to my today by labCorp in my regular doctors office...they asked me to come in again and have blood drawn again tomorrow..I agreed of course...however I am unnerved that they lost by's a small office..I don't understand


This happened to me as well in alaska. Lab Corp sucks


LabCorp are *** idiots, and must be hiring mental rejects to transport and/or handle samples. They just lost my blood, and won't confess to doing so as there is no record for me.

I'll be damned if I will use their services again.

Bet I'll be charged for this blunder too! I am reporting them to the Attorney General's office.


I can't believe your child doesn't like needles. That's unheard of.


My Dad's bloodwork was sent to Labcorp for genetic testing and over the last two months has had to go back twice. Each time they say there was a problem with the testing and they have to do it over. My surgery is pending the results of my Dads bloodwork and it is ridiculous that we've been waiting for over two months!