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The attendant at Lake Jackson LabCorp on Oak Dr. was polite, but stole my credit card information to buy Louis Vuitton purse and gift card at Children's Place via telephone.

Luckily, my credit card alerted me. I will be going to the Lake Jackson Police and reporting it as well.

I had not used my card in many days. Within 1 hour of me leaving LabCorp, I had an alert that 2 transactions had been attempted. After this, I look up LabCorp credit card fraud and it is all over the internet that LabCorp workers do this to people on a regular basis.

This was the only place where someone saw my card or had access to it. It is really sad that someone would do this to people and have no idea how it impacts them. So many people come in for labs because they might actually be sick and then have to deal with fraud. This is preying on people who might be at their weakest.

I am turning this over to the cops and letting them know about the $3200.00 in charges this person did. Thanks LabCorp.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3210.

Preferred solution: I want you to make the worker apologize and repay the debts he caused others by stealing people's credit information and charging items like Louis Vuitton purses..

LabCorp Pros: Attendant was polite.

LabCorp Cons: Fraudulent activity, Credit card information was stolen, Stolen id, Stolen credit number.

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  • Lake Jackson Tx
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This LabCorp cc fraud that you're talking about being all over the Internet has not one thing to do with your situation. Please, in the future make sure you have all of your facts straight; because at this point you could be liable for slander.