West Palm Beach, Florida

Got to labcorp at 845 and waited until 1000! Techs kept calling people who signed in after me! Asked why and was told they had appointments!! This is the 3rd time this has happened to me! HORRIBLE.

Finally they call me in and ask to see a doctor order! WTF?! I told them I was here for bloodwork. They ask "what bloodwork". BASIC bloodwork. DUH! They were so rude.

Next morning I come back with a *** doctors order. Get there at 900 and waited until 1030!!! Why do the techs keep calling in these other people before me? SO FRUSTRATING!

So for the second time now I'm finally called back. I give them the *** order, but now they want my insurance card?!?!?! WHY? I tell them that it's in the system. They ask "what system". How should I know? THE SYSTEM. The system where things are kept. They say "no, we need your medical insurance card for your medical testing". MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! I left my card at home because why the *** should I be expected to bring a medical card to my medical appointment? ARGH!

Third day I get to the lab at 800...waiting until 1000!!!! DAMNIT - why do they keep calling those people in before me?!

Ok...so heres my *** order, my *** insurance card, but NOW they want a credit card?! SCAM! They say it's only in case there is a co-pay, but why don't they know if there is one!? First they don't know what bloodtests my doctor wants without an order. THEN they don't have my medical insurance card number memorized. And now they don't even know if I have a co-pay. Do people at labcorp know anything? Oh yeah, they do. They know how to suck!

This horrible 3 day ordeal caused by labcorps stupidity made me miss an important golf game, an even more important pinocle game, and an even MORE important brunch at Flakowitz - the freshest bagels are gone by 1100 damnit! THIS NONSENSE DOESN"T GO ON IN NYC!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This must be fake. Everyone knows you can't go to a lab without your Physician's order.

When you go to a Dr's appointment you need your insurance same this with labcorp.

SMH. People find ways to complain about anything and these aren't even legit complaints.


Common sense is something everyone should have, basic blood work..hmmmm define it, needing your insurance card, this isnt your doctors office why would we keep that type of info on file. Do you know how many people we see a day. And the cc, yes thats to ensure we get paid, if you didnt know insurances doesnt always pay 100%.


You want to provide an answer....that's great. But your attitude reflects poorly on LabCorp.

I don't know if you work for them, but the way you have worded things makes me think so. As a scientist within the corporation, I find your arrogant and condescending attitude beyond inappropriate.