Selden, New York

My daughter had a standing order from doctor as part the ipledge program required for girls taking an acne medicine called isotretinoin. Before she was allowed to start she needed 2 blood tests a month apart to determine that she wasn't pregnant.

She had gotten her first a month ago and was anxious to begin medication. When I asked the doctor if she need a new lab order. They told me no, that it was a standing order good for 6 months because she is required to get monthly blood work done as part of program while taking isotretininoin. However, to be extra certain I called the lab and LEFT A MESSAGE, asking them if they had the correct paperwork so that I could get it from doctor if they didn't.

I didn't want to waste our time and also my daughter was leaving for vacation and she wanted to get it done before she went. No one called, I assumed, everything was fine. She arrived the next morning and they told her they could not do the work because there was no order! My daughter went away 1 week further from getting the medicine she needs.

her doctor did fax a new STANDING order. But when I called the office to complain, I still got an answer machine.

This time Tara from the Fairfield CT lab did call back was rude, unapologetic, admitted no wrong doing as well as flat out lied that she never received the phone call!!!!!!!! If I could use Quest, I would definitely do so!

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*** lady (the original poster), I'm TARA and I could care less how you feel. YOU were just as RUDE to me and YOU are to everyone in the labcorp waiting room, i.e.

you don't know how to be patient and treat others with respect who are waiting to be seen also.

That day YOU came in, after YOU left, there were SEVERAL patients who told me YOU were being extremely RUDE to them with all your fault finding like others want to hear about it. DON'T COME BACK!


Lady, who gives a *** who was "rude" to you?? Huh??

How many people are YOU RUDE TO DAILY??? Huh? You reaped what you sowed and you will continue to do so. Also, notice how YOU state that you "assumed" this and that.

Well, that part of the problem, you assuming things which is one of the biggest forms of being RUDE. You expect everyone to revolve around your ignorant ***.