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I attempted to interact directly with LabCorp regarding this issue. They refused several times to work with me, citing that I was not the customer, my prospective employer was.

I finally was able to interact with someone human, who agreed that my medical information was still protected by HIPPA, and, in fact, still MINE, that I had a right to be told the disposition of my own urine sample. That individual confirmed my identify with three identifiers (the accepted, usual and customary method for determining someone's identity over the telephone). She then revealed that my drug screen, showing a negative result (meaning that I was drug free for all you individuals who cited my story as "***") and that it had been tested within 12 hours of my visit there, but was not posted immediately and was not made available to the client though it was unclear why. Interesting since I had to wait more than 3 weeks to find this information.

I would like to add that many people come here to flag individual stories about other's experiences with this company. They make disparaging statements about the people with stories and make assumptions that everyone with a story to tell is really just a drug addict angry because they can't pass a wiz-quiz. The truth is, unethical practices go on all the time. Just because something is outside your experience does not mean it can't have ever happened.

I was set back financially because of the laziness of one staff member who neglected to post the results of my exam in a timely manner. I don't doubt the individuals who endure much more than this and I'm glad my school does not use this unethical company for our routine screenings.

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2013

I took a pre-employment screening urinalysis in one of their Worcester sites on December 13th. As of today, my position with my prospective employer is falling through.

I really needed this job. Why is my position falling through? Because LabCorp, despite receiving my sample on the 13th of December, did not touch said sample until AFTER Christmas and as of today, results are still not posted. They claim that they return results within 7-10 business days.

It's been nearly twice that now. Throughout this process my prospective boss was more than patient. However, it is unbelievably unusual for a negative result to take this long. Since I am allergic to all opiates, allergic to cigarette smoke and allergic to most antibiotics, I can assure you that I've never taken recreational drugs.

However, since we still have no results, the implication is that I've failed the pre-screen. Odd, since I don't do drugs. There was only ONE worker there at LabCorp when I arrived. Though I signed my bottle and the paperwork, I don't trust that LabCorp handled my test properly and I feel like I'm a victim of tampering.

How long can urine really sit around before it's tested? It would seem to me that the longer a sample sits, the less reliable are the results.

However, LabCorp doesn't have to care or worry because they receive their fee regardless the number of folks who end up with no job. They're like meteorologists -- they can completely get it wrong and never face any ramifications.

Monetary Loss: $19600.

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I am a previous employee of Labcorp. I worked in the laboratory, and we would receive 4 to 6 week old specimens and tests to process.

Do not get your bloodwork done there if you want it done in a timely, respectable manner.


I am currently going through this same nightmare! I am hundreds of miles from my state, came to another for training with a new company as a new employee, but because LabCorp did NOT run the test and pass the results on to the MRO, I have now lost my job. My hair samples were clean, I passed my physical, just like the ones I passed a few days before I took this test for my state. I'm not a drug user, never have been, I don't even smoke. There's no alcohol in my system either because I don't drink, with the exception of 1 single glass of red wine 3 months ago.

I tried to communicate with their people, whom then threatened me over the phone. I have since filed complaints with the regulatory agencies, including the Department of Transportation. I am currently filing a lawsuit against LabCorp for their willful and deliberate mishandling of my urine sample, which was given 9 days ago. The company and I have been told many different stories as to where the urine sample is/isn't; lost, someone else lost it, MRO lost it, etc. I've asked repeatedly for new testing, but due to DOT regs, cannot since the lab is not telling them that there is an issue. So, I have already hired a lawyer and will be proceeding against them. For me to jump through so many hoops, do everything that I was asked of, only to have some lab techs drop the ball and cost me my job and future, is unacceptable. It's time for LabCorp to be responsible for their employees actions, including abusive behavior over the phone, failure to process, etc.

BTW: My youngest son works for one of the largest Medical Testing Laboratories in the US and he told me that this test takes minutes to run, they've obviously not run it, lost it or contaminated it. Instead of fessing up, and dealing with the backlash, and this would allow my previous test to then be voided so I can retest again/now, they're not talking to me, the company, etc. No one knows what's going on but LabCorp. With them not communicating, they've caused me damages, which I intend to pursue.

As far as I'm concerned, it's time they're audited and the government steps in to see what non-compliance issues are going on.


Zee, what became of your lawsuit? I am extremely interested to know since I am currently in the same boat as you were.

Its the week of Christmas and I was supposed to start my job last week. I am pi**ed!


Oops. I hit the wrong button (should have been useful not *** button above.) I agree with you wholeheartedly with your experienced with labcorp.

I should know, I used to work for them. They have the most incompetent people. I used to run some of their tests and even though, the tests were ran in time and interpreted by the pathologists there, I often see them (reports) just lying around and not being sent to the client in a timely manner. The corporate stance is they just don't care.

Before we were acquired by them a couple of years ago, the former company that was Genzyme was a world leading biotech company and then labcorp bought us and we lost hundreds, if not thousands of clients because of labcorp's reputation for corporate greed.

The technicians' or the doctors within labcorp are not to blame. It's the corporation itself.

@Dark Jedi

I can believe what you're saying. It all boiled down to one bad worker for me...

But they don't care.

And that has come to mean a lot in terms of whether or not I'd ever use their service again. Thank you for reading.


Its been 8 days and no mro or anyone has told me anything and I'm dot regulated what do you think