Chicago, Illinois

Who ever was on duty on Saturday October 18th, 2014 at 233 E. Erie Street in Chicago needs to be gone from that position! This person is a danger and disgrace to society and from reading other peoples reviews LabCorp needs some federal reviews of the lack of management, qualified personnel and even basic service standards. This person behaved and appeared like fresh out of jail or belonging to one, never mind being a qualified professional to inject a needle in a human's body.

I was in Chicago on business from NY that weekend and had to have blood drawn by no later then 8am on that day and was told by my doctor's office I can get it at any Labcorp done without any issues. Being that the location was opening at 8am I was there on the dot. The lady arrived right after me, dragging her feet with eyes barely open and ready to kill anything that was in her way. She eyed me condescendingly, after I said good morning and asked her friendly if she is from Labcorp. She could not say good morning or acknowledge the fact that a person was entering her work space which should have been open and ready for business 8am. She started throwing her Dunkin Doughnut breakfast on the desk banging on light and computer switches, huffing and puffing. It appeared to me I was at the very wrong place in a very wrong time. When exactly did people become so entitled to their positions and their attitudes that the patient is there for a nuisance rather then requesting their service for which they are getting dollars. Federal dollars to be exact. I am a business professional and my husband is a physician and runs two medical practices himself. I know that such attitude would never be tolerated at my position and the service level my company provides nor would I tolerate any employee with this attitude. Yet, people seem to claim their entitlements to hold positions not understanding their profession - conducting themselves in an authoritarian, dangerous and inept manner. Does anyone screen these people before they get employed or do they receive any basic training as to what their job title encompasses?

Needless to say, loooong 15 minutes later, being absolutely ignored with banging huffing and puffing I did not dare to even utter a word out of fear that this ladies heavy body mass will just smash me against the wall with nobody else around on a sixth floor. I simply got up and left. In shock. I looked up the next Quest Lab location and had everything done 40 minutes later with friendly and caring faces.

Writing this and reading about other patients similar experiences at Labcorp gets some of the frustration out but we seem a long way from change and sadly similar attitudes across the board are to be dealt with on daily basis, especially in federal positions. I truly hope that our voices will be heard towards any change in the right direction. Will keep submitting claims for now.

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