Gainesville, Florida
Not resolved

I had a problem scheduling an appointment online, so I tried to call the number for LabCorp in my area. No answer.

Call again, no answer. Wait for two hours to call again. No answer. I called 20 mins before they stop doing drug screens 3 times to find where it's at, each with NO ANSWER.

I get there 3:03 instead of 3:00, told I can't have my screening. I explained I called and they said the phone has been ringing but they couldn't get to it because they had patients. I showed my call log to prove I called a total of 6 times, at different times, they say, "well, we've been answering the phone". The ***?!

You JUST told me you were too busy to answer the phone, now your story changed. A guy in the waiting area whispered to me that he hated the place they're so full of *** I can see why! I explained I have a tight schedule and they would not work with me. 3 freaking minutes after 3 because you guys would not answer your phone to help me find the location!

Like they wanted to hurry and get home and work for free!!! Not only that, the one that does the lab work was ON THE PHONE WITH FRIENDS JOKING AND LAUGHING ABOUT HOW HER DAY WAS, AND ABOUT FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!! Why tf then did you not answer my calls?!

And you guys have the NERVE to advertise that yall are here to serve US! Let me add I needed this screening so I could finish my paperwork for my schools nursing program.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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