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First, I did not choose Labcorp for any testing; my Primary Care Provider sent my samples to them, as I guess they are covered by my insurance? I have been enduring an undiagnosed illness for six years and every medical test that has been done, and there are many, have turned up nothing that any doctors I have seen so far can identify.

In the six years, I have seen 16+ doctors from Washington State to North Carolina and not one has thought to order a test to check for parasites, though I have many, many symptoms and several means of exposure. Do practicing physicians know that Labcorp is not a lab that is qualified to do parasite identification? Researching their website, I could not find any reference to parasites at all, and they certainly don't have a Parasitologist on staff. Parasitology is a highly specialized field and testing and interpreting tests require knowledgable staff!

Labcorp needs to come clean and admit that they can not legitimately perform tests for parasites! And, in doing so, they need to make sure that health care providers know this. Not only are we being scammed by paying for a test that doesn't mean anything, but more importantly, we are resigned to suffering unnecessarily. Most of the doctors I have seen have absolutely no knowledge of parasites and really don't seem to want to research this possibility and "negative" results from an unqualified lab only perpetuates the problem.

The charge for the test they ran at Labcorp was minimal - $90.00. I say "minimal" because as it compares to qualified labs that charge anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00, this gap is huge! Makes one wonder what we are really getting from this company? I have done a diligent amount of research on labs specializing in parasites and I contacted a world renowned parasitologist to discuss my case and will be evaluated at his lab.

I would like Labcorp to specifically publicize that they ARE NOT equipped to test for parasites and let the medical community and the public know. With all the complaints on this site, I am really surprised that the whole corporation hasn't been investigated because their shifty business practices don't seem isolated in this one lab!

Reason of review: Fraudulent testing practices.

Preferred solution: Labcorp needs to specifically address their inability to perform parasite testing/evaluation. If they have labs that are genuinely capable of such testing, they need to advertise which labs are equipped to do so..

LabCorp Cons: Not professional, Wrong results not professional, Fraud-tests - unqualified staff.

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This is true. They do not do testing.

Quest Diagnostics has the former head of parasitology for the CDC testing for things like fasciola hepatica... for Quest... as for lab corps, they are great for other things... but not parasites.

The CDC is the best place to go straight away for parasite testing. I had a previous tapeworm infection from South Korea. All the wrong testing for 3 years in the US. The US medical system in general has very little knowledge of overseas illnesses, or how to diagnose them properly.

Period. Was so disappointed.

As soon as I am well, I will never return to the US with an overseas infection. Even Mayo Clinic got it wrong.