1617 N California St, Stockton, CA 95204, USA
Not resolved

Rude ridiculous randy and rancid! Handed her insurance x2 coverage for our newborn’s stat labs.

Argumentative and self important NOT going to get you the dates you hoped. Guess she wished she had something or anyone else to do...she was “swiping right” with lots of hope in her eyes. Seemed surprised that she was interrupted or caught? Embarrassing Katie...

they are going to take a look at you and to the LEFT !!! Why do all their staff think they went to medical school? Labcorp would be out of business if any good intentioned provider would serve drug court clientele. If you happen to get billed incorrectly that’s a whole other fiasco.

Only lab in 45 miles for pediatric lab draws just so happens to have very strict procedures for when you’re have to drug test and you happen to bring your kids. Sad sad sad

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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