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I recently was participating in an employee wellness program and was sent to the only labcorp in my area. I drove 20 miles one way and upon giving the ONLY labcorp employee my conformation number; at which time I was informed that she couldnt find my number therefore she couldnt do an employee wellness panel because she didnt know what tests to run.

Im pretty sure she could have checked with her superior or even reached out to her corporate office and verified what wellness panel the multi billion dollar national company that I work for offered their employees. She didnt even attempt to find a solution. Her response was a well worn in look of "OH WELL" WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE. I left only to return the following day with a new appt and confirmation number AND I made sure to bring downloaded copies of all necessary paperwork( I couldnt print them as I have no printer) and upon giving her my confirmation number she finds it and says that she "doesent even know how to do this" and she called someone to assist her she finishes that 15 minutes later and informs me that she needs a paper copy of the paperwork I downloaded to my phone so i suggest that I email her at labcorp and she can make a copy that way.NO once again the well worn "OH WELL" look appears and she said "labcorp doesent give us email" My reply was a question...Is there anyone I could forward the paperwork to that could download it or fax it to you?" NO NO ONE A T ALL .

Period. Again she didnt care one bit; she once again failed to even suggest a solution to my dilemma nor did she call and ask anyone to assist her with a solution. So I proceed to find my own way to get the documents to her and just as i finish doing that and inform her that the documents are being faxed to her; she then says well I cant do a blood draw on you now because shes closing in five minutes!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

She knew it was the second trip I had made AND I had arrived early for my appt. My total time this day in this office was an hour and a half. She sat right at her desk and knew that I had gone to great links to overcome this obstacle. Me and any fullfillment or satisfaction of my case was of no concern to her.

She made that perfectly clear. She didnt even have the decency to tell me that if I didn't have the solution completed by a certain time she wouldn't be able to take me. I will never patronize LabCorp ever again. I have 35 years experience in the customer service field and her superior's should be appalled.

As there is no accountability at LabCorp I can't in good faith give them my business. THANKS FOR NOTHING LABCORP

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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