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The whole Boulders office staff were unprofessional to the max. Need training on office etiquette immediately

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is the absolute worst lab I have ever gone to. Unfortunately, I have to continue going to this lab due to my insurance.

I recently have been having personal problems and I got my blood taken. My numbers were off so they re-took the blood. The second time, THE LAB LOST MY BLOOD. Therefore, I had to take it a third time and finally got the results back.

The results were normal. The doctor wanted me to check it one more time to be completely sure and the numbers were off again. I saw a doctor because it turns out I do have a problem. She wanted me to get my blood work done again after a month on my medication.

So, I got my blood taken again. I work at a doctors office so I was looking to see the results of my blood and the tests I was nervous about weren't coming back. I called the lab and they said they never received the blood. I spoke to the driver who picked it up and he said it was there that night.

Therefore, they LOST MY BLOOD AGAIN!! I got it done another time and went to the doctor. Now, I am to get my blood done again which I did a few days ago. The results came back and all the tests were normal.

Meaning I would not have to be on this medication. If this were true, it would mean I never had the disease to begin with. So my office called the lab and spoke to the driver. He stated that the test was frozen but since it was so hot outside, the ice melted.

Therefore, I have to get it done AGAIN!!! This lab is HORRIBLE and I cannot believe the service and how irresponsible they are with this.

It is not a joke, this could be VERY SERIOUS! Luckily, my disease won't kill me or I could be dead by NOW!!!!!!