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This was the worst experience I've ever had with a lab. Hands down.

I had an appt at 10am, I filled out all the information online and came to the lab a few minutes ahead of time. The technician had questions about my order and said she couldn't do my test until she had more info. She called the provider but didn't get ahold of anyone. So I quickly called my provider (got ahold of someone on first try) to get the answers and they faxed over a new order that answered her questions.

Instead of seeing me right away, she made me sign in again and put me at the BOTTOM of the walk in list. What??? And she had the audacity to say it was because I wasn't here early enough before the appt. I don't think so!

I had to wait WELL over an hour for an appt that I had at 10am. The real problem is that there was ONLY ONE person working at the facility. Seriously?? One person to check everyone in and the same person doing the tests.

People who walked in much later than me with a LATER appt time were served before I was. I am so upset and frustrated. I would rather pay out of pocket and ho to Quest than use my insurance to go through this company again. Absolutely ridiculous.

This poor technician should NEVER be in a position like this. Why I'm the world is she working here alone? There needs to more people working at this facility.

She should not have to shuffle people like this. I would be cranky if I was her too- but WHY did she put me back at the bottom of the walk-in list?

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ihave to get my blood work done every Wed,I try to get their early to be seen as soon as possibly . I went in today and had to wait 45minutes to be called for paper work and another 45minutes for blood work.There is always short of staff.Something need to be done about that.When it is time for blood to be drawn I am stuck two or three times before they can get the right spot.