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I went to Labcorp in Vero Beach Florida on Wednesday 1/25/17. I called my Doctor for the blood work results on Friday 1/27/17.

He had not received them. I called the Labcorp results number 1-800-722-7624 and spoke to Alesia. I specifally asked her to confirm that my blood work results were complete and that the results when complete would be faxed to my Doctor. I then provided his fax number.

Alicia said that the results would not be ready for another 72 hours. She then stated rudely that she just faxed a report to my doctor stating the results were incomplete. She then said that I now had to call my Doctor and tell them that they had to call Labcorp back next week to get the results faxed. The fax number was in the original order.

I told Alicia that she needs to listen better. All I wanted was to make sure the results faxed to my Doctor when they were complete. Not to make more work for me or my doctor or having to make more phone calls.

She was rude. I will never be going back to Labcorp.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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results are actually faxed to the doctor once resulted, sounds like the results you speak of may have not been finals, meaning there were a test or so that was not ready