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Not only do they OVER CHARGE the insurance company...they sent an additional BILL TO MY HOUSE....just for drawing BLOOD!! My husband has a tyroid problem...has to get blood drawn every 6 months...BUT BECAUSE the doctor did not NOTE ON THE LAB PAPER...they charged my credit card 79.60!!

Again i was charged 64.00 dollars when i needed to get my blood drawn...the DOCTORS do NOT KNOW what they are SUPPOSED to write on the lab papers!!!! LABCORP IS DOUBLE DIPPING!!! This is NOT FAIR TO people that NEED regular blood drawn !!!

We are on a buget..i am on disability. I dont need this EXTRA EXPENSE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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the doctors do know what to write, some are just lazy. And there is a seperate fee, which is a draw fee