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I was billed by LabCorp for work that my insurance company (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) tells me that they paid them in full for, and that there is no patient responsibility. The initial bill from LabCorp says that the insurance Co.

told them that the amount billed was the patient's responsibility. This is not true. The amount billed was included on a year-end summary listing as "coinsurance", but this was paid to LabCorp from a Flexible Spending Account that my employer set up with BC/BS to cover out-of-pocket expenses up to a certain amount. This amount was never reached last year, so BC/BS paid this amount to LabCorp on my behalf.

The billing by LabCorp did not occur until 8 months after the service date, only after the year-end summary was published. I called LabCorp and explained the situation to them, and they did an "internal investigation", the outcome of which was only "the patient billing was correct". No explanation, no indication that they took into account anything that I told them. I called BC/BS, and got their representative to talk directly to the LabCorp rep.

They told them the same thing I had told them, and also gave them the payment date and check amount (which was a bulk payment that included the one for me). They did another "internal investigation" and reached the same one-line conclusion, that I do owe them the money. No indication that they took anything that BC/BS told them into account.

I continued to get bills for the next two months, which now threaten to send the account to a collection agency, and report the delinquency to the credit bureaus. I recommend that no one use LabCorp unless they have no choice.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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