Boca Raton, Florida
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CROOKS THIEVES AND LIARS is the only description that can be applied to YOU for going in there as that is how you are treated. As many years in the insurance business this is the worst health facility I have seen on two continents.

If you have any self respect at all do not go in. Will advise no one to use LabCorp as their issue is compounded by their regional supervisor who reinforces their behavior. Corporate complain only, above her head. Negative Ten Stars.

This place worthy of a class action lawsuit.

ask your provider for different facility. AVOID AVOID AVOID !!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LabCorp Cons: Treatment.

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#1060516 work in the insurance industry and complain about the behavior of labcorp employees? That's like a *** complaining about the Virgin Mary's loose morals.

I think that there is a pill labcorp can give a person that'll help them to *** out a tapeworm. If only there were a similar pill we could give to society to help us all *** out insurance salesmen, as the only difference between a tapeworm and an insurance salesman is that the tapeworm doesn't get to buy a BMW after it sucks the life out of everything it touches.