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I have been to Hunters creek office, semora blvd office in orlabdo Fl. In both locations They very extremely rude in the past. Still i Kept going there since they have me in the system. Had a blood test yetterday Daisy who draw my blood did it sooo wrong, shw tight my hand soooo hard that I could not feel my hand.

Then she was taking for second container my blood just stoppoed coming out. after I had blood cjust stopped coming our. Then she started to move the needle which was expremely painfull. I'm a very thin person 98 pounds, 28 Yes old. Age used biggest needle. I've had lots of blood draws at Quest and at Cancer institute, and at

rhumatologyst ToFfice. They all use smaller needdles with little hose on them. Not on on me but in everybody. At lab corp her needle was giant and didn't have hose on it. Making the turnic so tight, made the blood not come out for second tube Container. Then she let the turnic out so she will have blood for second tube, after she took out her needle I was putring so much pressure and walking in the hallway, I felt dizzy and wanted to throw up, I could feel itching and burning, nubness and pain under my skin, I look at the gause it was all blood. I opened it and blood was there, it was going under my skin... I told them I was feeling good. Front desk lady just stared at me and disnt offer any help. I went back to that Daisyi said I'm feeling very bad and I need to change that gause. Ok she gave new gause, then she said with rudeness "you didn't put enough pressure that's Why you are bleeding" I said I want to throw up, I'm feeling bad, my hand was in pain. daisy ".you can have a sit at that rickliner chair if youwant"

I was siTting there, I asked Daisy "do you guys use big needdles all the time?" Daisy with ugly and annoyed face: "excuse me lady, we use small needdles with small children only,

just put ice , you will fine"

I'm put ice okay, i'm not fine, my hand is hurting, i have bruises...

Those people whi work there, They hate people so much, They are not suppose to be there. . Please find a job that makes you happy... Don't Ruin rest of people's day by sitting there.

Couple weeks ago when we had DNA test done there, front desk lady said they disnt receive fax, so I called dnatesting group he confirmed they sent in at 10:08, I asked thatfront desk lady he isbsaying thwy sent in di you want tontalk to him? She waived her hand with ignorance and with facial expression "just tell him tonrefax" after a while I found out thwy had received it in the morning, but they had in the folder on the wall not sorted by the name in the cabinet. So front desk lady only looked in the drawes.. anyway by that time they receice 2nd we waited

soooo Long

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