Shelburne, Vermont
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Desk person was checking her texts . Then even though I have insurance they made me give my debit card.

Wonder if they are going to Bill me twice. Now my insurance fully covered this I ask before I went. Now I was told when I questioned this they have no way of know if my insurance covers this. Ever feel like you should walk out of some place.

I had to wait three weeks for a appointment couldn't go during the week. Best part of it I have a very large bruise where my blood was drawn and a lump.

Wondering if she messed up my vein. I Don't recommend this place all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bruising happens from blood draws all the time. As for having to wait 3 weeks for an appointment because YOU can’t go during the week...that’s not their fault.

The reason they take your debit card info is because they lose millions in unpaid copays because patients blow off the $5 or $10 thinking it’s not a big deal. Well it adds up.

All they are doing by taking the info is assuring you pay what you owe. They don’t DOUBLE charge you.