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All I could say is be careful. I went here to do blood draw on Sunday and just realized today (Monday) how bruised up my arm is.

When the phlebotomist punctured the needle, I told her it hurt and instead of being concern, she just said "I know just hang in there and hold still". I didn't think of it until today when my friend pointed out to me how bruised blue the area is. I was wondering on Sunday why my arm felt as achy. The wait isn't as bad as I imagined considering for a Saturday because they have 1 person checking in the front/drawing the blood too angry another person actually drawing it.

The waiting room is so small but clean.

All was good except for the bruised area where the needle was and the small waiting room. Too bad though I was going to give them a 4 or 5 star.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's normal to get a bruise after blood work. What you got is nothing compared to my hand I had a bruise that lasted over a week. The guy pulled the IV out so hard I almost kicked him it hurt so bad.


Bruises after a blood draw is extremely common as is a little pain. This was a normal experience. I'm not a lab tech, but I get blood drawn twice a month for medical issues.


As an experienced lab tech I can tell you what happened. The "bruising" is actually blood that has seeped from the vein.

This can occur when a patient moves or when the tech removes the needle, and especially if you are on an aspirin regimen or blood thinnerIt in no way reflects her or his ability at doing the job. Most ever stick does hurt and depending on what test you were having can mean that this tech had to use a larger needle to prevent the blood from clotting which would result in a repeat test.