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My husband had a problem in South Jersey with the results of his yearly blood work!Three times we had to call to see why the results were not being submitted to our physician! They kept saying they had submitted them! Finally, my husband paid the lab a visit and sat there until they could confirm that they sent his physician the results!! It was over three months before the doctor finally received the results revealing that there is a problem!...
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Anonymous I know what you mean. I called insurance company and they won't do much.


rollo2016 Complain to your insurance provider and also to the NJ medical board---find them on your state's main website. Complaining here will do no good.

Does your corporation have no interest in improving patient services? I absolutely do not understand why you would require 100 words? Maybe your complaints are so bad that people actually write that many word for their complaint. I am also upset with your billing practice to send me an invoice for the non-Medicare portion when my supplement has already paid you for that portion. Looks like you are trying to get seniors to pay twice. Oh, I guess I made my quota of 100 words - the text just turned black. Have a nice day! It would be nice if LabCorp...
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In a 3month period my Doctor only received the test report once without my calling to inquire about the delay & LabCorp re-faxing the result . Each time I call them the wait time varies from 15 minutes to 35! I know it is my fault as I should have found a different Lab.!! PS. I am a retired MD & never have experienced such a problem in over 50 years in using a Medical testing lab. Some years ago I found it necessary to contact the main office...
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