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I brought my son to the lab located on "12730 Heacock St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553" on 12/15/15 and I wish I never did. Our entire experience with LabCorp was very unprofessional to say the least. The nurse that drew my one-year-old son's blood handled him very roughly, and left bruises on his arm because of how forceful and aggressive she was with him.

Her attitude was unpleasant the entire time and she didn't even greet us upon entering and when I asked her if there's a different way to draw blood from a one year old, she said no and if you want you can take him to the hospital and it'll be the same.

Now my son is not the same as he was before our visit to the lab. He's been crying a lot, wakes up crying, only sleeps for an hour the most, it's been 6 days and the bruises are still on his arm, not from the needle but from her hand. He's not as active anymore, and barely eats.

He doesn't even trust me anymore. Whenever I take him out and put him in his car seat, he starts crying in fear, it's really heartbreaking. I hope my son will get better soon, and this incident won't leave a permanent mark on his behavior.

Hopefully this won't happen to other kids. Definitely not coming here for any blood work again!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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