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I went to get my pre employment lab work drawn. Waited over 30 mins and no one was there, I finally go back to get a labs drawn and they are going back and forth between me and another client doing a urine drug test.

I asked them to draw from anywhere but my antecubital but she said she couldn't for this test. Then I asked because I have very small veins in that area if they can use a smaller needle and again she said no. (I'm a rn and draw labs all the time so I know that these responses was inaccurate and she was just trying to save some time). I let her draw me and as soon as she takes the needle out she said she forgot to draw an additional tube.

So she tries again and misses at this point I have a huge hematoma and she gets it after digging around. So even though I can't bend my arm because of how bruised and swollen it is I was finally done or at least I thought I was... But they called me back an hour later saying they they forgot another tube!

Maybe if they worked with one client at a time they wouldn't make careless errors like this. I ended up going to another location and having the last tube drawn with a smaller gauge needle in my hand as requested it was nice to see some professionalism from this company after the horrible experience earlier that day.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Notes from the trenches on the west coast...all of your complaints are due to the corporate approach toward staffing in the past 4 years or so. Specimen processors were laid off in favor of making the phlebotomists process nearly all of the tubes of blood they draw.

This is another job in itself. Then, about 2 years ago all receptionist/clerks were laid off - yet another job piled onto the phlebotomists. This meant that one single phlebotoimist can be left alone with up to 50 or more patients per day, doing 3 combined jobs. One person on duty with a waiting room that never empties means not even a mandated 10 min.

break is taken by your LabCorp phlebotomist. They get uti's due to not going to the bathroom when they need to. Do a little research on line to find out about multiple class action suits filed, etc.....Phlebotomists have to maintain state licences. They became phlebotomists to draw blood, not do order entry and cash collection, etc..

at a front desk where people think they are receptionists. Most of you cannot even imagine the stress imposed by these jobs today due to violation of labor standards and unethical employee abuse.