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African American staff was the rudest three females I have ever met in my life. They treated me and the other customers like inmates.

It was also interesting to hear them complain about their jobs the entire time. How can a company possibly allow that type of behavior. Unbelievable. Not every person that comes in there is a drug user.

I felt like I was at the intake location at the Duval County Jail.

Note to Labcorp Corporation - Train your employees and consider hiring employees that are not angry about their "lot" in life. Finally - If you open at 6:00AMEST - Require your unsatisfied, rude employees to actually show up and open the establishment on time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I went to a LabCorp a couple times for blood work because I have a thyroid problem. The people working there, it was a mixture of about 4 blacks and 1 white, all b*tched the entire time how they hated their jobs, their boss and other co-workers.

They viciously complained about the people out in the reception area, who were waiting to get a drug test. They predicted the people all looked like they would fail and then they laughed about it.

They were very rude and barked orders like it was boot camp. The next time I needed blood work done, I told the doctor I refused to go to such an unprofessional and hostile place!


I agree 100%, I've been there and was treated like a dog. I got the feeling they get away with this because they can ruin your life in minutes and they love the "power" to do so.

It's like if you complain you might just fail your test. So out of fear of these people tampering with your sample you have to put up with it and act like your just a number in the chow line.

What is society coming too and how is this practice even legal? It's selective discrimination plain and simple, one step away from DNA testing for "inferior" genes.