Boulder, Colorado
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Yesterday, I had to do blood test for my wife in labcorp. It was an agonizing wait first, and then we were called to draw samples.

I found the address was typed wrong in their info and requested to change. But the lady was not doing right thing. I tried to help her...but she asked me to stop talking in a very rude way. The staff don't have the ethics how to deal with patients and how to respect the customers.

This incident happened in labcorp facility at W Alameda avenue labcorp, lakewood. Labcorp should consider to give training their staff how to treat patients and customers.

Very similar experience I had when I visited another facility earlier in denver. If you guys have the option, please do not go to labcorp.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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Why don't you take some skills in writing. Maybe you were reading the paper wrong with your poor grammar skills.


Hey lady, may be you need to STOP going to Labcorp. Get a life.

Simply don't go back! Isn't it obvious to you that Labcorp is the kind of organization that breeds what you experienced, and I'll tell you WHY if you can accept it. GREED. That's right....GREED!

Money is all that Labcorp cares about, and if this "big picture" revelation doesn't grab you, too bad, you've been told. Labcorp's ONLY concern is making billions upon billions of dollars, NOTHING ELSE. The fact is, you could DIE in one of their patient service centers, and they would continue to walk right over top of your body and no one would likely ever notice you.

Do yourself a favor lady, change insurances so you can go to another lab or join Kaiser, but please don't expect anything from Labcorp, YOU'RE TOTALLY WASTING YOUR TIME, SO JUST DON'T GO BACK AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS ACCORDINGLY, because if not, then what it means is you LIKE these kinds of experiences. No, move along and stop your complaining because it's BORING, REAL BORING.