Kansas City, Missouri
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They seem to think that just because I am disabled and needed to asked someone else to go pick up my testing containers... that they have a right to violate my right to privacy and embarrass the person I asked to pick up the containers by going over a lot of unnecessary explanations (I can read the instructions that were in the packages) not to mention that they could have told me that kind of information over the phone when I had called them prior to arranging for someone to pick up the containers and not to mention I specifically asked that they put the containers into a sack to give to the person that was picking it up for me...

but they seem to think a clear sack is the same thing as a sack that someone would obviously request for privacy! They went on to tell me how I was just making it all up and how wrong I am to have any hope for discretion or a right to privacy.

And when Susie Stokes - Customer Service Manager and Deb the KC area manager proceeded to go off on me about how it isn't there fault that no one answers the *** phones in the actual lab and how when I called (all 4 plus different times throughout the day to the lab not counting the other 4 plus times I called the customer service line so I could even get ahold of anyone in the lab.) There excuse was they couldn't answer because they were taking blood from a baby.. Every time I called over 4 different times throughout the day? REALLY!

Nothing but lame excuses to cover their own ***… I am filing a hippa complaint as well as a complaint with my health ins company so they will drop them as a provider! So not only did they screw up royally but they attacked me for having a sense of decency and expecting privacy and respect!

A little respect… if I wanted to be treated like cattle I would go on welfare and not pay the thousands I have to pay for health insurance! And those issues weren't even but a couple of the obnoxious things they did!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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