Ashburn, Virginia

I recently was sent for bloodwork and went to a Labcorp location in Brooklyn Heights. The technician piereced my vein and I saw stars.

I yelled out in pain and asked her what she had done. She said that my arm must be very sensitive to the needle. That being said Four days later and my entire forearm is black and blue.

I went to my company nurse and she told me that the Labcorp technician definitely pierced a vein. I have no idea what training or lack of training this person received, but they definitely have no idea how to draw blood.

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How is some one supposed to draw blood without piercing a vein? Piercing a vein = entering the vein with a sharp object (or needle).

Everyone that gets blood work done has to get t 8) heir vein pierced, how else are they supposed to get the blood out? to


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