Fountain, Colorado

I am a 55 year old professional that needed a routine drug screen prior to starting a new job. My paperwork directed me to report to 8540 Scarborough Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO. I called LabCorp and the answering machine stated that no appointment was necessary. I jumped in my car and drove down to the address specified on my paperwork. Once there, I presented my paperwork to the young man with the long pony tail behind the counter. I was promptly re-directed to another facility on the south side of town. Realizing how far and long it would take to get there, I mumble "Oh Christ" under my breath. The young man began lecturing me about his savior "Jesus Christ". I was not sure if that was his official position or that of LabCorp. I promptly interrupted him and told him that I was only her to a drug screen and not a lecture on faith.

The new location, 1304 N. Academy, Colorado Springs, was next impossible to find and was on the "seedy" side of town. Once I presented my paperwork, I was told that I should have made an appointment. I explained that I was sent there from the location specified by the paperwork. I explained that the phone message indicated that an appointment was not necessary. The person behind the counter explained that this location has a different policy and it was not his fault. This was probably the first warning indicator. I must say that I had misgivings about this place because of the odor of urine and cigarettes. The place was small, overcrowded and initially with no seating room. For a moment I pondered the thought that I might have actually been killed in a car wreck and I was actually in ***.

People around me were complaining about how long they had been waiting. So, I asked the person behind the counter what is the expected wait time. He replied: "Oh about 20 to 25 minutes". Not so bad; I will just wait. After a while, I overheard one of the technicians in the back say the wait was to be "at least 2 hours". I had already been there an hour. I jumped up and asked a different person behind the counter what she thought the wait would be. Her explanation was that blood tests take a priority over drug screens and they would get to me when they can. Also, the blood work person had gone to lunch and I would have to wait. So I asked for clarification: Blood work takes priority over drug screens, however there was currently no blood work being performed because the person was at lunch. All I have to do was provide a urine sample and leave. I asked if I might be able to speak with the supervisor. The young lady behind the counter stated she was the supervisor and if I did not like the policy to leave. When I pressed on, she told me to leave or she would call the police. I told her the only crime that was being committed was all the poor souls left languishing in the waiting room.

When I got home after wasting the entire morning, I had to call my new employer and ask for a new screen at any place but LabCorp. I was embarrassed to share my mornings hellish nightmare. Next, I attempted to contact LabCorp and report this incident. There is no easy way to get in touch with them. I logged a complaint with the BBB in town. I felt that I was treated like a criminal.

D Hodge

Monument Colorado.

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