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I visited LabCor on Friday, 9/13/13 to have a blood draw. I paid my $30.00 insurance co-payment and then was told I needed to be charged an additional $50.00 as a "hold" until my insurance paid the balance and then the fee would be returned. Preparing for the tests, I paid the fee. No other mention was made.

When I left, I started thinking about this. I have no binding agreement with LabCor to make sure they're paid. That's an agreement between LabCor and Blue Cross.

I did a Google search: LabCor Credit Card Charges and found a letter, issued by LabCor. The letter, of which I don't know who it was intended, states that the charge is "voluntary". It goes on to state that if a person pays it and changes their mind, they can return to the office and the charge will be refunded.

I returned to the office on the morning of Tuesday, 9/13/13 at 8:50 a.m. In inquired about the fee and if it was voluntary. The receptionist acknowledged it was. I then asked for it to be refunded. I was told "oh, it can only be refunded on the same day as the charge, you can speak with a superviser."

First, I was never told in the beginning the fee was "voluntary". Second, I was told I needed to physically return to the office for a refund. Nowhere in the letter from LabCor does it say "only on the same day". Third, why would anyone voluntarily give their money to a corporation to make sure their insurance company pays. Finally, what's with the "only on the same day?" Did they spend the money? Will I (or we, as this is happening to everybody who visits LabCor)get interest on this voluntary loan?

This is not how business is run. Monies are exchanged for services and/or products. "Potential" services are not paid for and there is no such thing as "voluntary".

Why isn't this voluntary policy told upfront? Why is LabCor not following their own written policy on refunds?

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I apologize that the employee didn't explain this a little bit better to you so you can have a better understanding. We don't actually take a hold if you looked at the funds on your card they were still available the same amount prior to your visit.

The reason for this is people coming in with insurance cards that are not valid or they have been cancelled.

The amount that you see on the paper you sign is a pre-authorization about saying if your insurance is not eligible you will be charged the entire amount of the exam, this is typical for any medical office. I am sorry you had a bad experience :)


You were not charged that day. Read the paper you signed.

It states your insurance will be billed for that day's service. Anything $50 and under that is not covered by your insurance will be billed to your credit card and a letter sent to you in the mail about the charge.

If the charges are over $50 you will receive a bill. If insurance covers everything nothing will be charged.


I visited labcorp in asheboro nc on 9/18/13. I was asked for my credit card and drivers license.

I was asked to sign a document staring that I would pay up to $814.00 for this blood test. I immediately became appalled and asked her what kind of blood test cost that much. She stated that it was the amount being billed to the insurance company. I knew that they would negotiate but thought it was an excessive amount.

I asked if what the amount I asked her what the amount would be of the insurance did not pay. She said $200. She never told me that I only had that choice for that day. I called Labcorp the next day and they stated that if my insurance did not pay I owed $814.00.

I spoke with a supervisor named Tara Hester. She said I only had that choice the day of the blood test.

There is not one word in the document that I signed that disclosed this fact. Stay away from Labcorp!!!!


Labcorp does not take a co pay at time of service. They do ask for a credit or health spending card for any charges not covered by insurance.

Nothing is charged on that card until AFTER the insurance is billed.

This is voluntary. Pay attention to what the techs tell you at the desk or read the pamphlet on the counter.