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I had a lab order for a osmolality test of 3 urine samples collected myself at designated times. I collected the samples after fasting for 12, 14, and 15 hours respectively. On July 29th, I dropped off the three samples, each clearly marked with dates and times that corresponded with the three times listed on the lab order (8am, 10am, 11am).

A week later on August 14, I called my doctor to see if he had received the results. He said that he had received the results for one specimen that was marked 6pm. And he had not received any other results. Almost a week later, I called LabCorp customer service to find out why the results from the other specimens had not been sent.

The customer service rep told me that only 1 specimen had been tested and that she could not even tell me which specimen it was because the time recorded on the report was the time that the specimen was tested, not the time written on the specimen. When I asked her why only 1 specimen was tested instead of all 3 (which I dropped off in three separate cups all in 1 sealed bag) she said it was because all of the tests had been submitted on 1 order.

She went back into the system and pulled up the lab order. She read to me the exact instructions off the order which said that each urine sample collected at the three stated times should be measured for osmolality. So the lab order in their system was perfectly simple and clear, but the lab tech did not carry it out.

When I asked what could be done about this, she said that the specimens had already been discarded so I would have to collect them again. This is malpractice.

Why can't a lab tech follow a very simple and clear lab order? Testing 3 urine samples is too complicated for their techs to handle? And why is it not common practice to include in the report the time the sample was collected as it is clearly written on the container? Even if the tech had tested all three sample, if the time of collection was not included with each result, how would my doctor have been able to make a useful assessment of the results? This is just basic scientific practice - you record the time of the collection.

Now I will have to fast for 15 hours again and redo the collections.

How is it that Independence Blue Cross dropped Quest from their in network providers in order to make LabCorp their preferred provider?

Monetary Loss: $500.

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