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In 2016 lab Corp charged my 1059.00 for my annual physical lab work. When I complaint them they corrected there mistake and covered all the charges because annual physical lab work is 100% covered under insurance.

Then couple months later in 2016 they send me a bill for $301.98 from no where. When I called them and dispute for the charges they send me a letter in mail stating that there is no balance left on my account. Fast forward to oct-2017 over one year latter they started send me the same $301.98 bill again; so I called them and there representative said sorry for the error but you don’t have any balance I asked them for reference and I was told the letter which states there is no balance left is your proof. Now in Nov they send me third letter which says it’s a third notice and I called them today and told them about the letter I have they say it was mistake from labcorp with that letter a d you still have balance of $ 301.98 from2016.

I mean after one year you come back and ask me for them payment for the bill which is was already zero balance. Such a fraud and now they are say if you don’t pay it will hurt your credit and all what itall this nonsense .I will never go to lab Corp for my blood work going forth such a fraud company ripping patients I don’t know how may people are been ripped off by lab Corp by now.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This same scenario is happening to many of us! I am filing a complaint with CA BBB and NC BBB.

Thank you for sharing.

Fingers crossed that we all get this crap resolved once and for all! Good luck to you.