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My wife and I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance with a $10 co-pay to the doctor and all lab work paid. My wife had some test done and the doctor sent the samples to Lab Corp.

The doctor, who we have had for years, sent the insurance information. 3 weeks later we get a bill from Lab Corp for $1600. My wife called and the girl that answered said the insurance didn't go through. My wife then called BC/BS.

They said that Lab Corp did NOT send the invoices to the right number because they hadn't received them. BC/BS gave my wife the correct address. My wife called Lab Corp back and told them what they had to do to get the claim paid. She also gave them the correct address.

The girl at Lab Corp then asked my wife, how she intended to pay the $1600.

Are you following me? What is it they don't get? They even aksed my wife to pay it up front and get reimbursed by the insurance company.

I know the country is in hard economic times, but hey! We pay the price for this insurance to not have these uneducated people calling us to collect money for them. We threateded them with going to the attorney generals office with a complaint then all of a sudden they foound the correct address for billing.

Really! Ask you doctor where your lab work is going before you get your test done.

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