Salisbury, North Carolina
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I received my bill from Lab Corp. called the 800 number to pay my bill and after three attempts to make a success.Upset that you cannot speak to a live person.

called the facility then. No payments over the phone. Sorry....calll this number.....callled that phone number and it is not a working phone number. what does it take to pay a Lab corp bill and what does it take to speak to a human being.

I have pneumonia and am unable to pay in person. I do not wish to pay by check or could have mailed it.

Profusely not happy with them right now. Ridiculous.

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i have a bill with them and was told i had to pay x amount. i told them that i could not pay that amount, and was told if i did not send in that amount that after 4 payments my bill would be turned over to a credit agency to collect full payment of rest of the bill. when i told that that is not right, they said they could do what ever to get the bill paid