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While veteranarian Stuart McCall of Santa Fe New Mexico is in Santa Fe sleeping with wives of his clients, Kim McCall, Kim T McCall, Kimberly McCall of Santa Fe is being investigated for sexual assault and child neglect for bringing a vibrator into the bed of her 10 year old daughter and sleeping with her 21 year old daughter Kendall McCall.This woman is a sexual deviant and has pictures and videos posted on pornhub and Adult Friend Finder and has a history of seeking men from around the Country away from her home in Santa Fe.

What a *** up family!! How is it Lab Corp can hire someone like this?

This woman has a psych and suicide threat history and Lab Corp allows her to work with clients, draws their blood and have access to client's health and personal information.Come on Lab Corp, get Kim McCall some help and protect her and her family from herself!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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The guy who posted this encouraged her to take the LabCorp job. He posted the conversation in one of his 20 posts about LabCorp. Not sure why he would encourage her to take the job then blast LabCorp for hiring her.

Seems like this guy has it out for her.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #634838

I was an employee there and they allowed a sexual predator work there, when reported that he was sexual harassing co-workers instead of firing him they transferred him to another site.

:( :?


What is her phone #?????

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