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If you know Kim McCall of Santa Fe New Mexico, please be very careful.After she aggressively pursue me on a singles website, I discovered she was actually married and a pathological liar!

This woman is a complete fraud and out of her mind! She is in the local cycling scene and is on Twitter as @kimtmccall. Her husband, Stuart McCall is a vet in Santa Fe who apparently spends his time dating and sleeping with the wives of his clients. They have both recently been investigated for child abuse of their 10 year old daughter.

I can't believe Lab Corp would put this person in charge of drawing people's blood and allowing them access to peoples personal information!? I received a Facebook message from a doctor in Houston she scammed. And, look at the iPhone screen shot she of our conversation we had after she called me and was masterbating with a cucumber - "Sav" is her 10 hear old daughter!

She is even found on *** Hub website!Lab Corp hires sick people!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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So this guy starts a relationship with Kim McCall.Then gets the texts that he's complaining about.

THEN tells here to look into the LabCorp job?

So the guy that told her to get the LabCorp job is complaining to LabCorp because they hired her?Sounds like this guy has issues to me.


The sad thing about this, in addition to being investigated by child services as well as the police, her daughter, Kendall McCall and Kim McCall are about to be prosecuted for insurance fraud!

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