Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had my first experience at Labcorp today in Hollywood Florida. I thought it was going to be a good experience because there were very few people in the waiting room and I had heard horror stories about hour long waits. I was taken in quickly by an employee named Julio. I could tell immediately he was not having a good day. I tried to be upbeat to help turn his mood around but he went from bad to are some of the things that happened:

He asked if I was ready to use the bathroom, it was for a drug test, and when I said I thought I was he said, "go back out and drink water". I thought ok a misunderstanding. I again told him I thought I was ready he said, "If you don't know go back out and drink water". I told him sometimes women in their 50's aren't sure but that upset him even more.

I asked if he had worked there long and he walked off and never answered. I thought he hadn't heard me so I asked again and he said, "Yes". I explained that I had a friend that worked for Labcorp and asked if he knew her, he said, "No". I told him she had worked in Hollywood and Deerfield and he said, I told you I didn't know her".

He then asked me to print and sign my name on a form and after I did he said I hadn't printed my name. I told him that was how I printed and to look at the difference between my printing and signing; he said, "Well I can't change you".

I couldn't get the box where my purse was open and I asked him if he would help me; first he just didn't answer and then he said the key was upside down. I turned the key over and tried again and still couldn't get it open; he then again said, "The key upside down". I turned it again and finally after fiddling with it I got it open.

There was nothing I said to him that didn't cause Julio to give an angry response. I really don't know what his problem was but it was obvious he didn't want to do the job he was doing. I've been to quite a few doctors, I'm a cancer survivor, and all of them have been kind and seemed to care about their patients. That is until I met Julio. I never will go back there again because it is obvious that management doesn't care how the patients are treated. I know this is minor compared to having a lab test screwed up or lost but unhappy employees do that.

I can see why there is a Labcorp Sucks website for patients. My advice is go to Quest if you can. They're always really nice.

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I live in Cleveland Ohio. I am 40 years old. The lady that took my blood was so Rude and Nasty!!!!!

Thats only the beginning she shoved the needle so hard in my arm it felt like she had driven a nail in. I have never had blood taken like this before in my Life !!! My arm is so sore I have difficulty moving it and there is a knot where she took blood.

When I spoke to her she was rude and acted as if she did not hear me, I had to speak twice .

I do Not Know If this is how all black women act but it has been my experience ...................

Lab corp can go to ***


Hi I just want u to know. Not everyone that works for labcorp is like that and u can let the company knnow how u was treated and they will do something because that is not how we do it I am so sorry that u went threw that.

I am so sorry! :?