Johns Creek, Georgia
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So I went in for titers on vaccines. Instead of actual results, I was given a range.

I was actually given a number on the rubella so I know they are available. Called the office and they said they weren't allowed to interpret the results. I have a masters degree. I'm pretty intelligent.

I can interpret results if they provide the actual number! Was told I needed to call my PCP for interpretation. Well, I'm pretty sure my PCP can't just make up a number either. I called the actual lab and since I am not the physician (just the person that paid for the test and gave my blood) they wouldn't talk to me.

So, I called the office back and asked to speak to the physician. At this point, the receptionist got really short with me. The physician doesn't return calls.

He is just "over" the facility. She will not tell me how to get the actual result number (not a range) and said she would not talk to me anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Did not get test results as expected.

Preferred solution: I want my actual test result numbers!.

LabCorp Pros: Ease of scheduling appt on line.

LabCorp Cons: Customer service.

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