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My complaint is directed to the highest levels of this corrupt company, one that profits from human illness and compounds this insult by developing an electronic system that is rife with errors and ultimately fails the patient they are profiting from. Most illnesses are exacerbated by stress. The failure of LabCorp's fundamental system of promises to protect information and share results with the patient is the type of stress that most of its "customers" cannot and should not have to endure.

I have repeatedly asked for lab results, which I know are complete because the ordering physician has called about them. I've been assured in previous interactions with LabCorp that they are allowed to share the results. This is a quote: "LabCorp is now permitted to provide patients in all states with direct access to laboratory test results without physician authorization." I've made three requests to LabCorp for my results and have not received a response. I suspect that corporate greed has led LabCorp to outsource its customer service, which if the contract bid was low enough, probably means less staff, all of which are underpaid and do not feel particularly motivated to deliver customer service for a company that values their work so little. This sends a blatant message to all LabCorp's internal and external customers that their priority is profit and anything delivered beyond that is not valued. I hope that those who have a choice will take their business elsewhere. That is the only way to send a message to a corporation who places profit before reputation. This message was attached to a recent automated response:

PARTNER: This email originated from an organization that is a partner to LabCorp, including its Covance Drug Development and LabCorp Diagnostics businesses. Be sure you trust the sender and know the content is safe before you click any links or open any attachments.

In addition to taking my money and violating my trust, LabCorp is giving a 3rd party access to my health information.

Incompetence. Dishonesty. Greed. They should be ashamed of what they are doing, but they are not, as long as the money is flowing. This company is disgusting and if there are any "moral" investors reading this, please send LabCorp a message that they will understand.

I liked: Phlebotomist.

I didn't like: Failure to provide lab results.

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Your lab results may only be provided in writing only by the lab. Your lab result is a discussion you should have with your doctor. Not the lab.

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