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When my wife and I went to one of the first appointments after finding out we were pregnant, the doctor recommended a Cystic Fibrosis Mutation screening (blood test) from my wife as we were both Caucasian from European descent. Not knowing any better we said "sure".

Little did we know what we got into. Thankfully the screen came back negative for cystic fibrosis, but we weren't aware that the insurance company wasn't going to cover the $1,200 for the test. Let me say that again "$1,200 for a blood test!). So LabCorp then bills my wife and I.

As a responsible adult I will pay them for the test (however ridiculously priced it is), but I could in no way pay the full amount. When I initially called to discuss payment options, I was TOLD what I could afford. The person on the other line was incredibly rude right off the bat and said "your terms of $50 per month are unacceptable, you can pay $500 per month". The most recent call I made to them to again further let them know that $500 per month is impossible for me unless we skip out on the mortgage.

This time, the person from LabCorp billing was a little more understanding and accepted $100 per month. By little more understanding I mean I had to fight with them to get this payment plan. The people who work in billing are horrendous human beings.

I understand they provided a service and expect payment but Jesus, $1,200 for a blood test and then them being extremely rude because I can't pay the large amount they want? Going forward I will find out where the samples will be sent and cancel anything going to LabCorp as I don't even want my insurance company paying any money to this awful company.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I'm having problems with labcorp billing department as well. At first, they stated they did not have my insurance information and I knew right away that was a lie because my insurance information was printed on that particular statement.

I contacted my insurance company who told me that I did not owe any money and the bill was paid in full. I had them email me a payment summary and I faxed it to labcorp's billing office. Labcorp sent me a letter stating that they could not find this payment and It was my responsibility to pay it. They started sending me letters from their collections office.

I called my insurance company again who told me they have called Labcorp and collection letters should stop while they investigate the payment. The letters stopped for a while until I received another one yesterday. How come out of all the healthcare providers that have billed my insurance they're the only ones that act as if they never received payment.

IM SO SICK OF THIS!!!! Labcorp please get your *** together.


I wonder if you do a little reserch you might find out if your doctor may be part owner of lab corp.I have had 3 children and never was i suggested to have this test.Some doctors overtest with unnessicary tests.Maybe you should change doctors before you owe alot more...also call your insurance before any test write down the name and who you talk to and the time you called.This was a unnessasay test.Some tests during pregnancy can be fatal to the fetus.Always get a second or even third opioin this is your child take no chances


I can see where you would have that thought, however my wife and I aren't as naive thankfully. We were told by our doctor that having a blood test to test for Cystic Fibrosis was recommended (we are both of irish descent which CF is predominantly found).

The Dr and her office are both well respected in the country, let alone the area (Brigham & Women's). Now that we know my wife doesn't carry the gene we don't have to do it again. In no way was it risky to the fetus as it was a blood test of my wife, not the fetus. All worked out in the end for the most part as he is now a happy & healthy baby.

Only thing left is dealing with this *** company. I'm thinking about making payments of $0.10 a month just to be difficult.